About Us

We are a coalition of local companies in the energy space, trade associations and concerned citizens. We agree that climate change is a real problem and want to work toward solutions that balance the need to reduce carbon output with the practical realities, huge costs and risks of reengineering how New York uses and distributes energy. We are concerned that the Climate Action Council’s proposed plans under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) inflate benefits, underestimate costs and make questionable assumptions about technological breakthroughs in ways that will cause significant hardship and risk for New Yorkers, particularly those who of lower and moderate income. We believe they will also undermine New York businesses and accelerate the flight of families out of state. We believe that putting all of our energy eggs in one fragile electric basket is a mistake that will reduce energy security and increase the risk of disruptions. We believe there is an important role for fuels like Natural Gas, Propane Gas and Biofuel Heating Oil, which get increasingly renewable and can help New York realistically reduce its carbon output without the backlash that current plans will surely evoke. The goal of SmarterNYEnergy.org and the Smarter NY Energy Facebook page is to educate the public on the implications of proposed plans so they can become more engaged in the decisions shaping our energy future in New York. We invite you to read the material we have put together and decide for yourself.