Consumer Comments

Read what regular people are saying about the risky, narrow, expensive plans of NY’s Climate Action Council.

Daniel C. My house is already all electric. Trust me. You don’t want it. It is expensive, uncomfortable and inefficient. And when there is three times the demand for electricity, energy costs will be unaffordable for too many of us…IF the grids can even handle it. Wait for technology to catch up before you push this transition.

Ellen W. When the power is out and it’s -20 or -30° in Northern NY (above Watertown, NY), no one is thinking about going green. They are thinking about how to keep from freezing to death. I lived through the ice storm in 1998. St. Lawrence County was without power for weeks in some places in January. Many people had to use gas-powered generators or wood stoves to survive. There were shelters, but most of the roads were impassable with downed trees, power poles and lines that went on for miles. They might want to rethink this. We are not a “one size fits all” state when it comes to the weather and heating our homes.

Janet C. This is ridiculous. She is not thinking of the people that are on a limited budget and can’t afford it. What are people supposed to do if they have breathing machines? Restaurants would not survive with electric stoves, and who is going to buy electric vehicles if they can’t afford them? Is she going to pay the electric bill of everyone that can’t afford it when they have to change over everything? What are people supposed to do when the power goes out and don’t have any backup? Our electric bill would be ridiculous.

Jim F. Go all electric, and in one severe storm, hundreds of people will die! If power lines had been transferred underground then it may have been ok. In the current state, poles and wires are severely outdated. Not enough is done to prevent outages. Too many dying trees and protruding limbs with potential for causing an outage. Nothing will ever be done because of the cost.

Bert C. I’m all about trying to save the earth but NO WAY is electric heat going to be enough …look what happened in Buffalo this year when a storm came and knocked the power out. People froze to DEATH in their own homes. SAD, VERY SAD.

Stephen K. NY is on an insane path. If you think the current exodus of people from NY is high, just wait until you activate these ridiculous plans.

Joe M. You would think that a governor from the Buffalo area would know what a blizzard or heavy snow can do to the electric grid. She doesn’t care.

Brian L. Should this bill pass, the NY government will surely reach their goal of energy conservation. The population of the state will decrease 50% minimum and therefore use only half the energy.

William G. I have a PROPANE water heater and stove. During a 6 day power outage, I was able to take a hot shower and also cook dinner on the stove. A friend of mine has an ALL ELECTRIC house. He could only take a cold shower and cook on his BBQ grill. Electric is nice but has its limitations!!

Jim S. These bureaucrats are insane! There is not enough lithium on the planet to build batteries for all-electric vehicles. School districts will have to raise taxes to an unaffordable level to fund all-electric buses by 2030. People will revolt when they see the cost! Plus the districts cannot afford to build hundreds of charging stations to charge the buses twice a day. Unaffordable!

Ronald P. Fixed income. Can’t afford all the Electric energy crap they are talking.

Bonnie B. I love my gas stove and gas heat. I have had all electric and it was not efficient. People are leaving NY now, and more will be leaving. Solar panels and windmills cannot produce all the electric energy to supply everything in NY. Plus it takes land.

James S. If there’s a huge drain in an electric grid due to extreme heat, cold or other disaster have they thought how to regenerate cars, air conditioners, homes, etc.?

Barbara W. Don’t know how much more we NEW YORKERS can take.


Joy W. All electric will never work. It means dark cold house.

Craig N. There is nothing ‘green’ about anything electric…!!!

Steven H. Packing my bags and getting ready to move out with the 272 others PER DAY that are already bailing out of this State.

Maryan VanD. No one can afford this. Too high now.

Roger G. NYSEG already doubled my bill. How much more can we bleed?

Shelly L. I see New York has lost its mind. We are not California. How many more people do you want to leave?

Michael G. It would cost close to 30k for me to get a ductless heat pump system to replace the boiler. Also, you wouldn’t get one cent on a rebate for doing it unless your home is tested and updated to meet efficiency rating. My older home would not pass without work. I’ve had HVAC company out for pricing and info on rebates and needed tests. For a moment think about all of the seniors that own homes and how a mandate would force them to sell their homes because they couldn’t afford to make the change.

Rosie W. Their electric cars and homes all will need electricity from coal. They are going to cause more pollution.

Glenn P. People are leaving NYS in droves. Last one out turn the lights off.

Kenneth C. Any plan to FORCE me to do ANYTHING is a non-starter. The same goes for any plan that would punish me into compliance with mandates.

Ted D. People are struggling after covid 19. Now this, and the cost of inflation gas everything is sky high. We need relief. Renters have suffered long enough. How is this helping anyone when natural gas is clean energy?

Tim S. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a lesson learned by everyone long ago. When government gets its clumsy hands on anything it is sure to falter.

Marie T. I am not going to get an electric car. I cannot afford. Do not want those windmills planted in our beautiful Lake Erie. Does not have my vote.

Debbie F. We would be in big trouble. We have brown outs in the summer when everyone is using fans and ac’s. we would use way more electric to heat our homes. My sons electric heat doesn’t keep the house warm enough on those really cold upstate n.y. temperatures. It only warms up to around 55. That is unacceptable for some pets as well as people who have issues with the cold. I’m conservative and keep mine at 65-68 but many have theirs at 70 plus.

Robin P. This is just plain ridiculous, our electric grid is already to the max. It will never work.

Barbara C. Just about every household I know can NOT stand anymore costs of living to come their way.

Antoinette M. That’s a joke. They can’t even keep people supplied with electricity now. What are they going to do if we all switch?

Larry S. We don’t have the grids on Long Island to handle all electric and then charging our electric cars. S.M.H.

Barb D. One size does not fit all… people are leaving this state of NY…prices are too high on essentials to live here as it is.

Helen M. We all need to act now before it’s too late. We have rights. Let’s not let them take them away. They want us all dependent on them.

Virginia I. Hope new electric vehicles are better distance than ours! Maybe 150 miles on a charge. Stupidest thing my husband ever did! Glad I have my car!

Joyce G. I have an all-electric house and love the even heat but in NY it’s high priced and when power goes out everything goes and I’m too old now for a generator.

Gary K. They want to stop the burning of wood to heat your house. Do you know what that would do to upstate families that don’t make much money? They burn wood to save money. They will never have enough solar panels or windmills to produce the electric needed for this, so it’s still gonna be fossil fuel and now they can really raise a price on electricity because you have no other way of heating your house or driving your car.

Joe F. What about the electrical grid? Could you imagine a 95 degree day with all these cars being plugged in, air conditioners blasting? It won’t handle it. These companies are crazy.

Kathleen W. This is insane… this will never work. They need to reconsider all-electric.

Rita Keith I refuse to switch everything over. I’ll sell everything and move the hell out of this friggen state.

Lou M. We have electric in Oklahoma. Every time the wind blows it gets knocked out. Stay with gas.

David H. Only the richer can afford as it won’t really hurt their pocket!! Us lower class will hurt pocket way more!!! Vote wisely!!!

Mary V. Not a good idea. My electric bill is high enough and I have everything possible propane.

Lynn W. Here in NY and probably everywhere else, we do not currently have the electrical grid to handle the level of usage and they are constantly having to switch around to try to avoid brownouts (esp. in summer). If this comes to pass, the govt. Will ok huge rate increases to the electric suppliers and probably subsidies and guess who will pay for it? And btw, did you know all of the electric companies in NYS, with the exception of a couple are owned by foreign entities?

Fred W. Wait till everything is electric and they have a monopoly!

Barbara S. Elec is high already and to add it to use everything in the house is crazy. People can’t even afford to put gas in the house and cars or pay for fuel. We are all trying to make ends meet as it is.

Betty F. As much as I love NY, I believe they have totally lost their minds! Electric and the Green new deal cannot work, if it is even entertained, without having sufficient gas and oil…People will not buy all electric cars as their main source of transportation… Possibly for around town… Who is going to stop every 100 and some odd miles to charge a car if they even have a charging station within the area? I’m speaking of driving on highway travel…

Patti M. It can never work. Going electric is not the answer. They know we know it but it sounded good on paper. Doesn’t mean it will work. And they know it too! It is about the money and the control.

Clare W. That would be a real problem here, where the power goes out so often, you wouldn’t even believe it. Ongoing for 68 yrs. They can’t figure that out.

Arthur J. Don’t let anyone from our government fool you. Electricity is EXPENSIVE. We should always have the right to heat our homes the way we want.

Joann L. Electric cars in our cold climate does not make sense and if we get power outages why sit in a cold house because we have to have electric? who can afford it?

Barbara D. This is crap. Not all climates are adaptable to electric vehicles, and many rural areas could not handle the power it would take to heat all the homes in the area. Plus a power outage could be deadly if no power for emergency services.

Susan A. Take a GOOD look at California & consider all the blackouts they have. This will be our whole country.

Mary A. That’s not going to work for how much the power goes out!!! Sorry that’s impossible to force people to do that!!! Electric cars are BS!!!

Teresa M. It’s impossible to eliminate fossil fuels. They’re used for many things in addition to heating our homes and fueling our cars. The cost to go electric would be astronomical.

Melanie A. Our power grid is too vulnerable now! How about they put their money and knowledge into making it stronger and more failsafe.

Mary W. How do they think they will generate all this electrical energy. Solar will not!

Tom P. Our electric grid right now can hardly handle what people use today…. It’ll never be able to handle even if a third of the cars got switched over to electric, let alone push all the housing and buildings over to electric heat… You would more than double the electric usage that we already have right now, if not more, they’d have to replace the whole electric infrastructure along with new power plants, and they don’t want any more power plants being built, it’ll never work.

Pat P. Horrible. Really stupid measure. No thought about the cost to the taxpayers or what happens when the grid goes down.

Shawn LeF. A lot of people are going to freeze to death. There are many homes across the U.S. that have less than a 100 amp service. Some homes that still don’t even have 240 volts coming into the house.

Kathy J. Craziest thing I’ve ever heard. All electric is an accident waiting to happen, people! Common sense is no longer common.

Philip B. This is true. I have worked in the power industry for many years. The grid cannot handle it and it would cost homeowners a fortune to upgrade.

GW R. A good rain often causes our power to go out. This idea of all electric is pure lunacy. Wake up, America…

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